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Jan  3 2003
D&D Production goes online!

Dec 20 2002
Prototype evaluation of computer controlled joint simulator begins.

Nov 10 2002
CF303 30 Degree Inline nutrunner product line adds 70 Nm tool.

Aug 4 2002
Patent pending Straight-On offset tubenut delivered.

July 23 2002
Patented Clutch allows tube nut applications on inexpensive ergonomic drill motor.

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30 Degree Inline Nutrunner

D & D Productions News Archive - Featured Product

The 30 Degree Inline nutrunner  product line has been expanded with the addition of the CF303, a 70 NM tool.  The CF303 has been designed for ergonomic fastening of high torque applications such as seats and bumpers.

01-03-03 D&D goes On-line!

D & D Productions Inc. is online! Our corporate website will allow you to request quotations, download product information, contact us by a variety of means, and find out what makes D & D Productions a cut above the rest.

12-20-02  Computer controlled joint simulator

D&D's  JS50 joint simulator will allow virtually any 0-50 ft-lb fastening  application to be precisely modeled via a simple user interface.  Our proprietary design  will greatly reduce the cost of both life and capability studies of our assembly products.

10-10-02 XXXXX STRAIGHT ON tool released

Patent Pending socket design allows automatic reversing to the open position while on the fitting.  This revolutionary design allows for automation and torque control of applications which previously could only be done with manual assembly methods.

07-23-02 Clutch inexpensively allows full power reverse of tubenut wrenches.

All tubenut wrenches require a low speed reverse to the open position.  Historically this was done by reducing air flow or limiting motor current in reverse. This device allows tubenut wrenches to be used with any motors or controllers which has reverse.

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