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Jan  3 2003
D&D Production goes online!

Dec 20 2002
Prototype evaluation of computer controlled joint simulator begins.

Nov 10 2002
CF303 30 Degree Inline nutrunner product line adds 70 Nm tool.

Aug 4 2002
Patent pending Straight-On offset tubenut delivered.

July 23 2002
Patented Clutch allows tube nut applications on inexpensive ergonomic drill motor.


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Mission Statement
      D&D Production mission is to deliver  robust assembly solutions  with    low cost of ownership.

Company Profile

Nut runner and tubenut assembly tools for production environments.

For over 25 years, D& D Production has been proud to supply the finest in custom assembly solutions.  D&D has worked in partnership with our customers to solve the most challenging assembly problems for automotive and aerospace applications.  

 More than just the tool..

At D&D Production you can be assured that rigorous engineering and production standards are applied to every tooling application.   This means that you can depend on D&D to provide the most dependable tool for your fastening requirements.  Let us show you the level of product support that we can offer. 

 Tight spots...high torque….

D&D has optimal designs for hundreds of tough fastening applications. 

Designing for cycles….

Each fastening application is different.  When designing a tool for a new application it is our first design goal to deliver the required torque in the space allowed.   In simple terms, given enough space we can deliver robust tooling which can easily run the 100’s of thousands of cycles required by today’s manufacturers.  Our precision machining capabilities and extensive use of  automation in our designs ensure long life.  The design challenge comes when the application has severe interference point restrictions.  In these cases strength must be traded for space.  With over 350 nutrunner designs we can quickly select or modify a tool for your most demanding application.  In these cases D&D can provide calculated life expectancy numbers for the tool at the required torque. 


D & D Productions Inc is located in the northern portion of Oakland County, Michigan.
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